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El Sueñito Organic CBD s.l. is a cannabis farm based in Tenerife that produces highest quality legal cannabis flowers that grow organically in the beautiful and rich conditions provided by the Canary Islands’ volcanic environment. 

We have a contractual agreement with the University of La Laguna in Tenerife as part of our mission, allowing us to conduct research on cannabis, and on the application of cannabis products on the treatment of traumatic scars. 

We are already taking the necessary steps to become GMP certified, and we will work hard to reach that level in the near future. 

We are currently working in the design of various farm projects in Tenerife as part of the industrial cannabis consultancy services El Sueñito also offers in the Canary Islands. 

El Sueñito is a ZEC (Canary Islands Special Zone) certified company, and We are confident El Sueñito is an attractive target for companies or individuals looking to establish synergies with reliable cannabis producers, and we will welcome and consider suitable collaboration offers.

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