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Fernando Jarabo

Head of Human Resources | Co-founder

Co-founder of El Sueñito. Co- founder of Plantate AEC, cannabis connoisseur and specialist in health and safety and quality control systems. National and international commercial relations and business development.


Maximiliano Rodríguez

CEO | Director

Master grower. More than 30 years’ experience growing cannabis, specialising in the selection, cross and development of new strains. Currently collaborates with an important seed bank. Co- founder of Plantate Grow Shop, the second in the Canary Islands. President and co- founder of Plantate AEC. CEO and co-founder of EL SUEÑITO.


Alexis Elvira

Growing specialist

Alexis has large experience in their cannabis world as a production technician and specialises in organic fertilizers, cultivation materials and osmosis hydrologics. He has also great knowledge about terpenes an eliquids and has written many articles on cannabis blogs. He has worked in different cannabis trade shows all over Europe, and is responsible for fertilizers at El Sueñito, as well as leading the team of growers


Lola Tacoronte

Area Manager

Coming from other related industrial areas, Lola has quickly acquired the necessary skills to be head of a team of growers and make decisions according to the company’s directions.


Álvaro Raguán

Director of Production

Master grower, co-founder of El Sueñito and Plantate AEC. Álvaro is a horticulture specialist with more than thirty years of experience and is responsible for El SUEÑITO’s production, and shares responsibilities in the Direction Committee to develop and maintain our business model, aimed at constant improvement.


José Manuel Reyes

Director of Finance

Growing specialist. Co founder and Administrator of El Sueñito, member of Plantate AEC, and cannabis connoisseur. Jose is a trained agriculture specialist who plays an important role in the Direction Committee. He is responsible for administrative and financial matters, at least in these initial stages, as his real passion is growing beautiful plants.



Rodrigo Cuartero


He has actively collaborated in the design and development of the company as administrator. Coming from the medical world, Rodrigo is responsible, together with Maxi Rodríguez, for the coordination of medical i+d research within the company, while at the same taking an active part in the development of our business model.


Eduardo Retana


Eduardo plays an active role in finding new business opportunities, both nationally and internationally, as he is an experienced business entrepreneur. Eduardo is also a cannabis specialist and his input into the design, development and current running of the company has been decisive.


Pedro Rodriguez


Pedro comes from a very different professional background, as he usually sits behind the wheel of an airplane. Precisely because of his abilities and the international character of his professional experience, his input into the company’s design and development has been crucial before, during, and after the company’s creation and he is a valuable asset for the Direction Committee


Olivier Expósito


Olivier’s professional background is computers but he is also a cannabis specialist, He is our main contact with the cannabis business world in the USA and has actively participated in the development of the company from the very beginning.

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