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el sueñito organic

World-class experience that helped define  an industry


With over 100 years of combined experience, EL SUEÑITO ORGANIC´s cultivation team has been growing in Tenerife for the past two years.

They have faced many challenges as do-it-yourself growers, and their product  was renowned in its own right for the strong genetics and highly potent CBD  content with minimal appearance of THC levels

The application of our knowhow and continuous innovation techniques are the foundation of the Company. EL SUEÑITO ORGANIC will continue to develop its processes to provide partners with the quality product that evolving consumer needs require.


Positioned for Growth

Tenerife sits in the heart of Canary Islands, Spain.

The unique geographic positioning creates a fertile delta and is one of the  hottest parts of Canary Islands, making it one of the most desirable and ideal location in for greenhouses and outdoor cultivator.

EL SUEÑITO ORGANIC CBD S.L. industrially zoned site provides a cultivation footprint of potentially 4.3 hectares. The existing greenhouse facilities currently occupy only part of the total potential available land and that have been retrofitted for cultivation and expanded for sufficient drying capacity during harvest.

In 2021 we completed construction of a new facility for drying and storing. 

EL SUEÑITO has the resources, knowhow and a dynamic structure for potentially increase it production capacity up to 10 times on the existing land.

The location provides several benefits:

  • Low Elevation

  • Consistent Breezes

  • Low Precipitation

  • Ample Sunshine

  • Protective area


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