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High-quality & organic CBD producers

Our vision

El Sueñito Organic CBD S.L. is a premier producer of high-quality, organic CBD and CBG hemp grown in greenhouses, aimed at domestic and international markets. Following high standard and quality control procedures, our aim is to continuously improve our technical ability and the quality of our production.


High-quality, high-value product at competitive cost

Relative to the traditional outdoor farming systems from other producers and locations, our current natural light greenhouse production with significant extended hours of sunlight throughout the 12 months of the year, allows us to have a much better natural product, with significantly more competitive costs of production. 

All licences secured to carry out our business plan

El Sueñito Organic is currently fully licensed by the Spanish authorities to grow and sell hemp flowers on branch to wholesalers and industry producers of CBD and CBG derivatives. We are also one of the companies included in the ZEC (Canary Islands Special Economic Zone), and have recently signed an agreement with the University of La Laguna, in Tenerife, for the study of cannabis.

Lower Cost

Outdoor cultivation is known for lower capital and operating costs. However, our natural light greenhouse location, together with our experience and technique, has proven crucial to obtain a better organic product at a much more competitive price than any location in the rest of Europe.

CBD and THC Level Controls

Our wide experience, control protocols and traceability systems allow us to produce flowers rich in CBD and CBG, while maintaining permitted THC levels on our plants.

100% Organic with No Pesticides

Full-spectrum sunlight versus artificial limited-spectrum lights greatly improves the quality of the plants.

Low Impact

The impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

For Good Life

We Provide High Quality Cannabis for Good Health

Premium products that command competitive prices

El sueñito organic’s strategic advantage is our ability to make the most of the climatic and geological conditions and produce high quality organic hemp in greenhouses with high levels of CBD and CBG and legally permitted levels of THC at a competitive price. Our strategic geographical situation and the help of lighting procedures allow us to produce several crops every year, at times when others can’t.

The bulk of the 2021 harvest will be processed into dry plants perfectly packed in containers for better storage and transportation to our customers locally and international.

As part of our services, we also provide consulting services for the design, development and maintenance of high quality cannabis productions.. 

Fully built and ready for expansion

EL SUEÑITO world-class facilities have been completely built out and are currently in  full operation. We are constantly working to improve our quality control system, and we are already taking the necessary steps to become GMP certified in the future.

The production is dried in large drying facilities with strict control of air circulation and humidity levels.

Subject to agreement and forward selling production contracts, the next milestone will be to utilize a much higher percentage of the parcel of land to expand even further the scale of EL SUEÑITO ORGANIC’s operations.

El sueñito organic farm

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Maximiliano Rodríguez
Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Jarabo
Investor Relations & Media Inquiries
Phone: +34 655 919 470